Marbled nails – a how to

I actually discovered this last year, but ever since starting a nail varnish detox after Christmas when they started looking a bit unhealthy I’ve been dying to break out the varnish and try it again. It’s the basic the marbling technique we all learned at school, with a few twists. The process does take some time, but is worth it for the results!

You will need:
At least two nail varnishes, in different colours
Small jar filled with water, either a jam jar or small spice jar works best
Cocktail stick
Nail varnish remover
Cotton wool buds to remove nail varnish
Clear nail varnish top coat

After choosing your colours drop a few drops of nail varnish onto the top of the water.
Then using the cocktail stick drag the edges of the nail varnish drops to meet the rim on the jar, so the top of the water is covered with nail varnish. Swish the cocktail stick around the polish a bit to marble the water.
Place a nail as flatly as you can over the top of the water and push down through the nail varnish, you will end up with polish over the nail and end of your finger.
Remove the varnish from your skin using the nail varnish remover and cotton wool pads.
Repeat the process for each finger then once dry paint clear varnish on top to make them last longer!

As you can see I only did two nails to demonstrate as am determined to keep up the nails detox. I think this look would work really well with the ice cream shades set to rock SS12 and have got my eye out for minty greens and pale pinks to melt together this summer.


Barbour heritage originals

A guilty pleasure of mine is Countryfile on the BBC, it just wouldn’t be Sunday without it. Having a career in heritage it is quite often relevant to work, but even when it’s not I love the locations, activities and even the clothes- Khaki colours, chunky knits and sturdy boots, perfect for long walks and rural adventures.  My little piece of the countryside comes in the form of my Barbour jacket. A much anticipated Christmas present, it has already accompanied me on several suitably rural outings, and not so rural shopping trips.
As you can see mine is quilted and fleece lined (really warm) rather than the more traditional waxed, but both are no longer confined to the fields of farmers. The quilted jacket has been seen all over the high street since AW11 as has the country/heritage look, of which Barbour is undoubtedly the epitome. The label has been around since 1894, expanding from one small family run shop in South Shields to a worldwide lifestyle clothing brand. Yet it continues to stay true to its British heritage roots as you can see in the latest SS12 heritage originals collection.
I am completely in love with the bird and fish prints and will definitely be keeping an eye out for some similar, more affordable pieces to mix with my Barbour.

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Floral and functional

I love a floral print and in my humble opinion no one does floral better than Cath Kidston. Thanks to a rather specific Christmas list this year I was lucky enough to increase my collection and my favourite item has to be the Chelsea Roses Knitting Bag.

I started learning to knit last year and although still on basic patterns I can knit one purl one, which to me feels like an achievement! The bag is a practical as it is pretty, rather than piled up in a corner of the room my knitting stuff is neatly packed into the bag, with useful pockets inside and a zip pocket on the front that’s perfect for knitting needles. The outside is oilcloth so it’s waterproof and the inside is lined with a different rose pattern.  In fact, it’s so pretty that I’ve nearly finished one elbow length glove only a few weeks after starting it, mainly because I love getting the knitting bag out!


I heart my picture frame - a how to

Now unfortunately I can’t take credit for this one as it was a handmade Christmas present from a friend. But, I have to share it with you because, firstly, it’s gorgeous, and secondly it’s so easy to make!
You will need:
Buttons – a variety of sizes or colours works best
Glue- PVA or similar
Picture frame

Simply arrange the buttons into a heart on the card, making sure it the design fits into the frame. Then glue the buttons down, wait for it to dry and fit into frame.
See, really easy! And once you’ve had the inspiration you can get creative, use coloured card, beads instead of buttons for example, and arrange into any shape you like, a flower, star, your initial...the sky’s the limit!


New Year, new resolutions, new blog

So (be warned cliché approaching) another year gone, and another year begins. But, to stop this year disappearing before I’ve even got my gym shoes on, I’m going to share my resolutions in the hope that it gives me that extra bit of resolve to actually stick to them. Here goes...

-        Stop re-visiting the same old places and discover Sussex’s hidden treasures, shops, cafes, walks, views...

-        Take even more photographs. Particularly of aforementioned Sussex treasures, mainly so I don’t forget about them.

-        Be more creative with style and outfits (read, stop playing it safe). I want to look like me, not like everyone else.

-        Take up running. Again.

-        Get crafty, why buy it when I can (attempt) to make it myself? Projects for this year include a skirt, long knitted gloves and homemade jam, progress of all will be shared right here.


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