Floral and functional

I love a floral print and in my humble opinion no one does floral better than Cath Kidston. Thanks to a rather specific Christmas list this year I was lucky enough to increase my collection and my favourite item has to be the Chelsea Roses Knitting Bag.

I started learning to knit last year and although still on basic patterns I can knit one purl one, which to me feels like an achievement! The bag is a practical as it is pretty, rather than piled up in a corner of the room my knitting stuff is neatly packed into the bag, with useful pockets inside and a zip pocket on the front that’s perfect for knitting needles. The outside is oilcloth so it’s waterproof and the inside is lined with a different rose pattern.  In fact, it’s so pretty that I’ve nearly finished one elbow length glove only a few weeks after starting it, mainly because I love getting the knitting bag out!

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