Marbled nails – a how to

I actually discovered this last year, but ever since starting a nail varnish detox after Christmas when they started looking a bit unhealthy I’ve been dying to break out the varnish and try it again. It’s the basic the marbling technique we all learned at school, with a few twists. The process does take some time, but is worth it for the results!

You will need:
At least two nail varnishes, in different colours
Small jar filled with water, either a jam jar or small spice jar works best
Cocktail stick
Nail varnish remover
Cotton wool buds to remove nail varnish
Clear nail varnish top coat

After choosing your colours drop a few drops of nail varnish onto the top of the water.
Then using the cocktail stick drag the edges of the nail varnish drops to meet the rim on the jar, so the top of the water is covered with nail varnish. Swish the cocktail stick around the polish a bit to marble the water.
Place a nail as flatly as you can over the top of the water and push down through the nail varnish, you will end up with polish over the nail and end of your finger.
Remove the varnish from your skin using the nail varnish remover and cotton wool pads.
Repeat the process for each finger then once dry paint clear varnish on top to make them last longer!

As you can see I only did two nails to demonstrate as am determined to keep up the nails detox. I think this look would work really well with the ice cream shades set to rock SS12 and have got my eye out for minty greens and pale pinks to melt together this summer.

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