New Year, new resolutions, new blog

So (be warned cliché approaching) another year gone, and another year begins. But, to stop this year disappearing before I’ve even got my gym shoes on, I’m going to share my resolutions in the hope that it gives me that extra bit of resolve to actually stick to them. Here goes...

-        Stop re-visiting the same old places and discover Sussex’s hidden treasures, shops, cafes, walks, views...

-        Take even more photographs. Particularly of aforementioned Sussex treasures, mainly so I don’t forget about them.

-        Be more creative with style and outfits (read, stop playing it safe). I want to look like me, not like everyone else.

-        Take up running. Again.

-        Get crafty, why buy it when I can (attempt) to make it myself? Projects for this year include a skirt, long knitted gloves and homemade jam, progress of all will be shared right here.

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