Wooden jewellery - my new obsession

It’s finally summer!! (whoops should probably knock on wood now, wouldn’t want to jinx anything) speaking of wood, I’ve recently found myself with a new obsession – wooden jewellery. It all started with Chelsea Doll's new necklace and since then I’ve found lots of gorgeous pieces that match the GORGEOUS weather we’ve been having...

The necklace that started it, a new take on the SATC ‘Carrie’ necklace from Chelsea Doll.

I’ll try not to mention butterflies in my next post, but couldn’t resist including this ring from beaut boutique.

This nautical brooch from Nautical Cactus is perfectly matched with any jubilee outfit.

A cute cotton reel necklace, I can think of lots of sewing fans who’d love one!

Of course, I had to include something floral and this Cath Kidston style bracelet is high on my wish list.

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend! I'll be baking cakes and enjoying the sunshine.

Images taken from Chelsea Doll website and Etsy.


Butterfly artwork – a how to

I’ve always liked the ‘look’ of those butterfly species collections (the framed ones with butterflies pinned down that look very vintage) so this was an easy way to recreate the effect without all the dead butterflies. This is so easy that you probably don’t need me to explain it, but I will just so I can call it a how to. All you need is a box frame (available from most craft stores) painted white or any colour you like, a sheet of white card, butterfly template and old magazine.

Simply cut out a butterfly template, I used a google images but the more talented among you could draw one. Then find colours/patterns you like in the magazine and cut out your desired amount of butterfly shapes following the template. Next arrange the butterflies onto the white card - I was a bit geeky and measured out the spacing on mine, but it’s probably just as easy to do it by eye. Use a blob of super glue in the centre of the butterfly and glue down, make sure you leave the wings glue free and slightly bend them to give a 3D effect. Once all are glued down put into the frame and admire your creation!
I seem to have a bit of a thing for butterflies at the moment (see my last ‘how to’) and I like this frame so much I’m planning on making a few more in different sized frames to create a bit of a wall feature.

No butterflies were harmed during this diy.


Shire horses and stunning views

This weekend I was determined to make the most of the gorgeous weather so yesterday the boyfriend and I visited the Weald & Downland Open Air Museum, which has been on my ‘places to visit’ list for ages, but as it's open air I’d been waiting for suitably nice weather! The museum consists of historic buildings rescued from across Sussex and the surrounding area along with farm animals, a lake and woodland walks - it’s like stepping back in time for the day. It was the perfect way to spend the afternoon, the highlights were exploring the medieval farm buildings, seeing working shire horses and the fact you could take dogs everywhere. ‘J’ the boyfriend’s dog got to see inside all the buildings and meet the farm animals – he loved it as much as I did!
 Hard at work

Medieval building, rescued from destruction

I'd quite happily live in this 19th century farm workers cottage, all it needs is a bit of fresh paint and broadband!

Also took the opportunity to inform the boyfriend that when we're 'older' we're getting chickens. 

Stunning views over the South Downs!


I heart cupcakes

Whilst it rained this afternoon I decided to do a bit of bank holiday baking and try out my new silicone cupcake cases. I’ve had my eye on silicone cases for a while so was very happy when a friend got me some for my birthday. They were really easy to use and took the same amount of time to cook as paper cases (I only have six silicones so used a few paper cases as well and put them all in oven together). It was also surprisingly easy to remove the cakes from the cases; I did as the back of the box told me and greased them with a bit of butter before putting the mixture in, which worked perfectly! There was no advice as to whether to remove the cases before decorating or leave them in until you eat one, so I decided to take them out of the cases but from what I can see you can do it either way. I love the heart shapes and will definitely be using these cases again.

Does anyone have any other silicone case tips? Hope you’ve all had a lovely bank holiday.


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