Wooden jewellery - my new obsession

It’s finally summer!! (whoops should probably knock on wood now, wouldn’t want to jinx anything) speaking of wood, I’ve recently found myself with a new obsession – wooden jewellery. It all started with Chelsea Doll's new necklace and since then I’ve found lots of gorgeous pieces that match the GORGEOUS weather we’ve been having...

The necklace that started it, a new take on the SATC ‘Carrie’ necklace from Chelsea Doll.

I’ll try not to mention butterflies in my next post, but couldn’t resist including this ring from beaut boutique.

This nautical brooch from Nautical Cactus is perfectly matched with any jubilee outfit.

A cute cotton reel necklace, I can think of lots of sewing fans who’d love one!

Of course, I had to include something floral and this Cath Kidston style bracelet is high on my wish list.

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend! I'll be baking cakes and enjoying the sunshine.

Images taken from Chelsea Doll website and Etsy.

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