Time to start thinking about Christmas...?

Yes I really did just write that. I’m sure it’s the furthest thing from everyone’s minds right now, but for those of us who found last Christmas a manic rush it’s a good idea to start thinking about it now. Every year I have the best intentions to give out some handmade items but never actually manage to; so this time I’m starting REALLY early and have already begun knitting some fingerless gloves for female friends and relatives. I’m also planning on making jam soon (whenever the jam making season begins) but will blog about that nearer the time as I’m sure it will be an interesting experience.

For now though, what do you think of my gloves? They’re really easy, mainly because they’re fingerless; just knit a rectangle then sew into a tube leaving a gap for your thumb. And for the bow knit another tiny rectangle, wrap wool round its centre, secure and then sew onto glove - so easy! One pair down, lots more to go before December...


  1. eek! love the gloves. I can't wait to go fruit picking and make some lovely jam too x

    1. Thanks, I've never made jam before so am quite excited about that!



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