Butterfly artwork – a how to

I’ve always liked the ‘look’ of those butterfly species collections (the framed ones with butterflies pinned down that look very vintage) so this was an easy way to recreate the effect without all the dead butterflies. This is so easy that you probably don’t need me to explain it, but I will just so I can call it a how to. All you need is a box frame (available from most craft stores) painted white or any colour you like, a sheet of white card, butterfly template and old magazine.

Simply cut out a butterfly template, I used a google images but the more talented among you could draw one. Then find colours/patterns you like in the magazine and cut out your desired amount of butterfly shapes following the template. Next arrange the butterflies onto the white card - I was a bit geeky and measured out the spacing on mine, but it’s probably just as easy to do it by eye. Use a blob of super glue in the centre of the butterfly and glue down, make sure you leave the wings glue free and slightly bend them to give a 3D effect. Once all are glued down put into the frame and admire your creation!
I seem to have a bit of a thing for butterflies at the moment (see my last ‘how to’) and I like this frame so much I’m planning on making a few more in different sized frames to create a bit of a wall feature.

No butterflies were harmed during this diy.


  1. That's so cute! I think I should make one myself. :)

  2. Aw I love this! Definitely need to give it a go, I have an obsession with butterflies! X



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