How to make a bird feeder

A simple tutorial to make a cheep, ahem, cheap bird feeder in less than 10 minutes, using a few recycled materials. 
In case you hadn't guessed from the big feather wreath above, I love birds and now that we have our own garden I'd like to encourage a few more to visit. So, recently the boyfriend and I made a couple of bird feeders to hang in our garden and here's the how to: 
You will need:
Empty water bottle (with lid)
Wooden spoon
Bird seed
Scissors and a screw

1. Cut two holes at the bottom of the bottle, each on opposite sides, your spoon will need to slide through both holes. Cut the holes wide enough so that even with the spoon through, there will be room for seeds to be pecked out.
2. Poke holes in a couple of places further up the bottle, so there's plenty of options for the birds to get to the seeds.
3. Make two holes in the bottle lid (we found a screw a good tool to do this). Poke string through the holes, but don't tie until ready to hang up. 
4.Fill bottle with bird seed (using a funnel will avoid too much mess) and hang in your tree!
I'm pleased to say they work, although I've not been quick enough to get a picture of them in use - blue tits are just too fast for me! It would be a great activity to do with children too. 



  1. That looks a pretty neat little bird feeder! Sadly it wouldn't last long around mine, we have to use proper squirrel proof feeders because they'll eat their way through it (I've lost a couple of feeders that way sadly).

  2. What a great idea - sadly we can't feed the birds in our garden as KitKat would think they were breakfast!

  3. Great idea =]


  4. very useful information you shared with us..thanking you..

  5. Best guide to make bird feeder.. thank you for sharing..

  6. How do the birds get the seed below the spoon.



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