Recently I’ve been

Starting a new knitting project with Wool and the Gang* I’m only 6 rows in at the moment but am already loving the wool and colour. I’ve been doing lots of crochet recently so it’s a happy change to pick up some knitting each evening.
Enjoying a delicious afternoon tea at Avisford Park Hotel in Arundel, as a birthday treat from the boyfriend. We ate it all and washed down with plenty of tea -  a wonderful way to spend the afternoon! No dinner needed either which was a nice added bonus.
Reading a new book; after finishing Don’t Tell a few weeks ago I’ve not had time to pick up a new read. But with a few free hours this weekend I’ve dived into The King’s Curse

Loving this silver floral patterned tin, which a friend gave to me for my birthday, she always find the best stuff in antique shops so I’m thrilled she decided to use some of her skills for me. 

What have you been up to?

*item sent for the purpose of a review.



  1. Ooh! That tray of goodies look amazing! I've just downloaded the Phillipa Gregory book. Looking forward to starting it soon! Enjoy our week!

  2. Ooo that afternoon tea looks delicious! I haven't read any of Phillipa Gregory's work in a long time but she's always been a favorite of mine!

    1. It was so delicious! I read lots of hers last year but had been having a bit of a break, enjoying this one so far. x

  3. That afternoon tea looks divine. I have never read any of Phillipa Gregory before, I should really give her a go. x

  4. Wool! What a fab colour :) I love the tin too, your friend has great taste!



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