I heart cupcakes

Whilst it rained this afternoon I decided to do a bit of bank holiday baking and try out my new silicone cupcake cases. I’ve had my eye on silicone cases for a while so was very happy when a friend got me some for my birthday. They were really easy to use and took the same amount of time to cook as paper cases (I only have six silicones so used a few paper cases as well and put them all in oven together). It was also surprisingly easy to remove the cakes from the cases; I did as the back of the box told me and greased them with a bit of butter before putting the mixture in, which worked perfectly! There was no advice as to whether to remove the cases before decorating or leave them in until you eat one, so I decided to take them out of the cases but from what I can see you can do it either way. I love the heart shapes and will definitely be using these cases again.

Does anyone have any other silicone case tips? Hope you’ve all had a lovely bank holiday.


  1. Those are so cute :) I have some round silicone cases but I haven't used them yet, I prefer the hearts though! The little butterflies are cute too x

  2. You've just reminded me that my sister bought some of the heart shaped cake cases a couple of years ago, and now i want to go and find them and bake something! x



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