Finished project - my first knitted jumper

Eek here it is, my first knitted jumper! Alright, I know you’re thinking ‘that’s barely a jumper, where are the sleeves?!' So it’s really more of a knitted shrug, but it’s still my first proper knitted garment.

Just in case you recognise parts of it, I should mention that I started this project in 2012 and finished it last year, but when wearing it recently I realised I hadn’t blogged it’s finished beauty. And seeing as spring is finally here (at least it was when these photos were taken) I figured now was the perfect time to share it with you.

It's a Sirdar 'Roman Holiday' pattern (9426) in Sirdar simply recycled wool; you can see a picture of the pattern here. Even for something this small, I found it required a lot of dedication and did get a bit bored around halfway through, particularly when I couldn't work out how the pattern would come together, but I'm very glad I persevered and am definitely keen to start a 'proper' jumper now.

Would love any pattern recommendations for a simple beginners jumper or cardigan?


Walnut whip cupcakes – a recipe

With it being both Mother’s Day and my Mum’s birthday in quick succession last month, I decided to have a go at combing her favourite treat with a cupcake... as you do. They worked out pretty well and between the family we finished them off in just one day (a pretty impressive feat for the four of us), which usually means a cake has been a hit!

So just in case you haven't had enough Easter chocolate...

Makes 12 cupcakes

115g self-raising flour
½ tsp baking powder
115g butter, softened
115g caster sugar
1 tbsp coco powder
2 eggs
Mini marshmallows
Chocolate frosting

Pre-heat oven to 190C. Place 12 paper cases in a bun tin.

Sift together the flour and baking powder into a large bowl and then add the butter, sugar, coco powder and eggs. Beat the mixture until smooth – if it looks too dry add a few tablespoons of milk to give it a smooth consistency.

Divide between the paper cases and bake in oven for 15-20 minutes or until cooked through and well risen. Leave to cool.

At this point you should start making the chocolate frosting but I’ve yet to master chocolate frosting and only thought ‘oh hang on what about the frosting?’ mid-dash around Tesco on Saturday evening, so cheated and brought the Betty Crocker readymade stuff. Bad baker.

Once the cakes are cooled, cut a little hole out of the top of the cake and fill with a couple of mini marshmallows. Then ice over the top and decorate with a walnut.



Recently I've been...

Exploring our local countryside - Sunday was just one of those perfect ‘let’s go for a long walk’ days and we decided to explore the countryside right on our doorstep. It has really cemented our determination to find a house here rather than be tempted by the current choice in the surrounding towns. Just look at that view!

Reading not one, but two, new books - this is very unlike me but I just couldn’t choose which to start first. Eats, Shoots & Leaves is great for daytime reading, it’s both entertaining and educational! While The Help, a recent car boot find, has been recommended to me several times in the past and is currently my bedtime reading.

Admiring my new print, which is handmade and was a bargain at just £3! It was part of a small sale they had at work and is of a willow tree you can see in the garden, I love the style and colours, and can’t wait to find a proper frame for it.

Learning how to stitch my granny square cushion together, I think I’m doing what’s called a single crochet join. Either way though, I can’t wait to see it finished!

And funnily enough I’m planning much of the same for the Bank Holiday weekend. What are you planning?


Pillow fight!

It was fairly early last Saturday afternoon when my Mum and I popped into the ladies room at the National Gallery in London, we’d just been to see Van Gough’s sunflowers (would definitely recommend) and were about to head out for a walk to St James park. In the loo we were both a bit perplexed by the two ladies picking what looked like white fluff off their clothes and hair - they were COVERED in it. But without wanting to ask what it was we simply left and made our way out onto the beautiful steps outside the Gallery, where suddenly it all became clear...

Pillow fight!

Yes, ladies and gentlemen the 5th of April is apparently International Pillow Fight Day and in celebration a flash mob descended on Trafalgar Square. It was so surreal; there was music, hundreds of pillow fighters and clouds of feathers in the sky (and on the ground, where they are much easier to photograph).

Oh, London.


florals and feathers: the March edit

So I’m a couple of days late posting this (oops) but here are my March floral and feather favourites...


Water colour florals /Home accessories / Alice Atwell
I came across Alice’s beautiful home accessories at the Country Living Fair a couple of weeks ago and made sure to pick up her card on my brief lunch break. Her floral watercolour fabrics are just stunning, so much so that I’ve not even been able to pick a favourite, they all deserve a place here - take a look and you’ll see what I mean.

Think happy thoughts / Wall art / Stephanie Ryan Art
Words to live by surrounded by (yet more) pretty watercolour style flowers, need I say more?


Bird print / Card or print /Betty Bay Designs
Another Country Living Fair find, I love the bold graphic style contrasted with the neutral colours.

Nail and string feather / Design Curiosities
This might possibly inspire a DIY in the near future, but if it looks too fiddly for you keep an eye on the design curiosities website - these rustic nail and string feathers are ‘coming soon’.
Which is your favourite?


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