Pillow fight!

It was fairly early last Saturday afternoon when my Mum and I popped into the ladies room at the National Gallery in London, we’d just been to see Van Gough’s sunflowers (would definitely recommend) and were about to head out for a walk to St James park. In the loo we were both a bit perplexed by the two ladies picking what looked like white fluff off their clothes and hair - they were COVERED in it. But without wanting to ask what it was we simply left and made our way out onto the beautiful steps outside the Gallery, where suddenly it all became clear...

Pillow fight!

Yes, ladies and gentlemen the 5th of April is apparently International Pillow Fight Day and in celebration a flash mob descended on Trafalgar Square. It was so surreal; there was music, hundreds of pillow fighters and clouds of feathers in the sky (and on the ground, where they are much easier to photograph).

Oh, London.


  1. I saw that last year! Very surreal... I love that pillow fighting is basically the UK equivalent of running with the bulls.... Safety first! Haha xxx

  2. Hahaha I bet that would have been fun to watch, fun that it happened too, probably not what you expect after seeing the Sunflowers!

  3. How could I have missed Pillow Fight Day?!

    I just adore the National Gallery--one of my favorite places to visit when I'm in London.

    P.S. It was nice to meet you at Creatives Unite!

  4. haha amazing! It's reasons like this that I love london
    hannah bee xo



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