Love for the Lake District

Both the boyfriend and I had this week off work and we spent the first few days having a well earned break in the Lake District,  which is somewhere I’ve always wanted to go. Even with the torrential rain we had for two days, the beautiful scenery did not disappoint and nor did our lovely b&b or several days of pub food!

Aside from plenty of time outdoors (luckily we’d packed waterproof coats and trousers, not a great look but better than being damp and cold), top of my to do list was also a visit to Hill Top House, the home of Beatrix Potter. Complete with Mr Mcgregor style garden and the dolls houses and rooms that feature in her gorgeous illustrations; I could quite happily have moved in. We were also lucky enough to visit the local country club (thanks to an agreement they had with our b&b) and spent a few hours in their very posh pool with a sauna and hot tub looking out over the lake district scenery. I’ve never been to a country club before, but could definitely get used to it! 

I’d love to go to the area again, shame it’s SUCH a long drive from home.

Hill Top House and Mr Mcgregors garden (in the rain) 

Beatrix with Benjamin Bunny! 

Apparently someone forgot their picture frame... 

Rainbow <3 

Trying to avoid the puddles, but there were so many that I soon gave up - boots are supposed to get muddy anyway!

Blue skies!


Knitting pick me up

I’ll admit it - recently I’ve been a bad knitter. After enthusiastically starting my first cardigan in July I’ve lost interest in it slightly, mainly after realising just how long it’s going to take me! Over one month in and I’ve only done 60 out of 338 rows (not to mention putting it all together at the end). However, as one reason for starting this blog was so that I didn’t keep abandoning things I WILL persevere. And my slightly unorthodox (genius?) way of doing this is by painting my nails to match the wool. Not only a gentle reminder that I need to keep going, but who doesn’t enjoy a nice nail and outfit combo?!

It’s certainly worked and put the spring back in my knitting step, maybe this time next month I’ll have done another 60 rows!

The nail polish is Rimmel Pro in Aqua Cool
Also it’ll be a quiet week on floral and feather next week as I’m off to the Lake District, see you at the weekend.


Fabric necklace

Back in April I spotted a tutorial for a gorgeous fabric necklace by Georgina Giles, I immediately knew I wanted to make one out of the leftovers fabric from my summer skirt. Unfortunately at this point I hadn’t even started the skirt, so Georgina's blog post went into my favourite’s folder for a whole five months. Yes I know what you're thinking, it took me a rather long time to make that skirt. But last month I finally finished it and this week I FINALLY made the fabric necklace!

Georgina’s tutorial was so easy to follow, and the necklace itself is so easy that I made most of it in a single evening - definitely my kind of craft project. Even better than that is the fact that it cost absolutely nothing to make, just leftover fabric, beads and thread from my craft box. Perfect.

Despite thinking the fabric looks nice and summery on my skirt, I’ve decided the necklace is just as good for autumn as the reds and oranges could also pass for autumnal leaves... what do we think? And I’ve also come up with an idea for an on trend autumn/winter version of the necklace, so this Saturday I'll be scouring Brighton’s fabric stores for the perfect light-weight tartan!


Three things that made me happy today

It’s Monday, boo! Don’t get me wrong I love my job, but sometimes weekends go far too quickly for my liking. However, that’s no excuse for wishing the week away. So rather than counting down the days until the next weekend, I thought I’d count a few things that made me happy today.

One. This gorgeous china bunny given to me by my boss this morning, she had a collection of them and rather than selling, she’s been giving them out to those she thinks would like one!
Two. The October Glamour magazine, this week’s lunch break reading. The sight of my monthly subscription never fails to cheer me up, it's the Christmas present that just keeps on giving.
Three. My current craft project (this is only a sneak peek). I built it yesterday after a day at the beach and have been spending today coming up with ideas to give it a bit of a facelift. Watch this space!

What’s made you happy today?


Stylish backpacks - not just for 'back to school'

Despite having a full-time job (and therefore no need for ‘back to school’ stuff) I always love this time of year when preppy styles reign supreme and pretty stationary fills every shop window. Usually much restraint is needed in order to stop myself purchasing unnecessary amounts of notepaper and stylish yet sensible shoes. However, this year I actually have a excuse reason to buy a ‘back to school’ backpack  – the boyfriend and I have just booked a last minute holiday to the Lake District (in three weeks time) and I clearly can’t go trekking up all those hills with my handbag over my arm! So the search for a practical, but stylish backpack begins.

Those are my three favourites so far, but how on earth does a girl choose between classic navy, tartan or floral... which would you go for?


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