Stylish backpacks - not just for 'back to school'

Despite having a full-time job (and therefore no need for ‘back to school’ stuff) I always love this time of year when preppy styles reign supreme and pretty stationary fills every shop window. Usually much restraint is needed in order to stop myself purchasing unnecessary amounts of notepaper and stylish yet sensible shoes. However, this year I actually have a excuse reason to buy a ‘back to school’ backpack  – the boyfriend and I have just booked a last minute holiday to the Lake District (in three weeks time) and I clearly can’t go trekking up all those hills with my handbag over my arm! So the search for a practical, but stylish backpack begins.

Those are my three favourites so far, but how on earth does a girl choose between classic navy, tartan or floral... which would you go for?

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