Knitting pick me up

I’ll admit it - recently I’ve been a bad knitter. After enthusiastically starting my first cardigan in July I’ve lost interest in it slightly, mainly after realising just how long it’s going to take me! Over one month in and I’ve only done 60 out of 338 rows (not to mention putting it all together at the end). However, as one reason for starting this blog was so that I didn’t keep abandoning things I WILL persevere. And my slightly unorthodox (genius?) way of doing this is by painting my nails to match the wool. Not only a gentle reminder that I need to keep going, but who doesn’t enjoy a nice nail and outfit combo?!

It’s certainly worked and put the spring back in my knitting step, maybe this time next month I’ll have done another 60 rows!

The nail polish is Rimmel Pro in Aqua Cool
Also it’ll be a quiet week on floral and feather next week as I’m off to the Lake District, see you at the weekend.


  1. Ooh that pattern looks gorgeous! What is it if you don't mind me asking? I find my knitting tails off during the summer... it doesn't feel right to be knitting when its hot!

    1. Thanks, it's Sirdar 398 Roman Holiday http://www.sirdar.co.uk/designs/books/398 Yes I'm hoping the nails and colder weatherhelp me get a move on with it!

  2. What a beautiful pattern! I'm with you on the pleasure of a good colour combo. I like it when the book I'm reading matches my outfit!
    I haven't done any knitting in months, but this seems the season to pick up sticks so I better get back on the wagon!
    Hope you have a great time in the Lake District; I think this is the perfect time of year to visit.



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