Summer scarves are a girl’s best friend

I've noticed that in the office at work that we (and by 'we' I mean the women) each have our own style, there’s the one who wears bright colours, the one who wears neutral colours, the one with a heritage style, the one with a preppy style and me – the one who wears scarves. Somehow I always seem to have one somewhere about my person and with the unchangeable weather this year (apart from that one week of summer, now a distant memory...) I’ve been working the summer scarf A LOT.

Today I discovered that many colleagues have already given up and packed away their summer clothes in preparation for autumn! But, if like me you’re not ready to give up on the sunshine just yet, here are three must have summer scarves to hold off the winter wear a little bit longer...
1.       White and lightweight. It goes with absolutely everything and has pretty embroidery, what’s not to love. You could totally buy a plain white scarf and do some simple stitching as a DIY.

River Island

2.       Pastel green , this one always helps to brighten up a grey day. Plus it's the colour of mint ice cream!

3.       Vintage AND patriotic, anyone else hooked on the Olympic Games?

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