New project alert!

Apologies for the recent quietness, life is just very busy at the moment and in between finding the time to blog this I’ve also been desperate for a few spare minutes to start my next project!

Since learning to knit about a year ago, I’ve steadily been attempting more complex patterns and after completing quite a few knitted gloves, I finally decided that now was the time to attempt a jumper.

I was imagining a nice cosy winter jumper in cream chunky wool, however the local wool shop didn’t have anything along these lines that didn’t appear to have come straight from the eighties. So, instead I was drawn to this pattern (most likely due to the gorgeous photographs) and it's even made using recycled wool. I love the fifties style and pastel colour, it also looks fairly simple to make so should be a great first jumper, well, cardigan. The only problem is that as it’s a summery style I better get a move on!
Both wool and pattern are from Sirdar and the wool is made from 51% recycled cotton so it’s environmentally friendly too. I can’t wait to get started; does anyone have any tips for starting your first complex project?

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  1. This looks like a really cute project. I didn't realise you could buy recycled wool! Look forward to seeing how it turns out.

    You should never apologise for blogging silence! Every one has busy times and in my experience, we crafters always have long to do lists ;-)

    Claire x



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