My first vintage find!

I'm not usually particularly talented at thrifting or picking up gorgeous vintage pieces, unlike so many others I know, I just don't have that kind of eye. So you can probably imagine how delighted I was to find this cute cabinet in Otto's vintage store in Exeter.

A quick google revealed the Scott's Roses label (advertising an 1850’s seed company) is known and loved by shabby chic fans the world over; a simple DIY idea would be to print off the label and frame it. The tin plaque, which has been turned into the front of the cabinet, would apparently (according to google) have been the cover of a seed catalogue used by the company.

I instantly knew what to do with it - the rows of hooks inside make the perfect organised bracelet holder and keep things from cluttering the top of my draws. A bit of a bargain for £10!


  1. That is so pretty - great find!

  2. That is one pretty cabinet. I love hunting for finds such as this. What a great find and use for it.


  3. What a lovely piece you've found. I love the shabby chic look. Vintage shopping is great, you can always find something unique and special and it's eco friendly too.


  4. Love this! Good find and great DIY tip :)

  5. This is absolutely beautiful! Such a great find and a good DIY tip. Definitely going to make one for my friend's birthday present :)



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