Knitted bow hair clip - a how to

This is quite possibly the easiest and quickest thing I have ever made. It's the perfect 'craft fix' on those days you can't be bothered to get the sewing machine out but need to do something that feels productive (I have a lot of these kind of evenings).

I've seen knitted bows like this in lots of shops and am sure I'll have made many before long, one in every colour perhaps.

To make a pretty bow hairclip, cast on 6 stitches and knit 17 rows, (I'm not sure why I did 17 exactly, it just looked a good length) then cast off. Take a length of wool and wrap around the centre to make a bow shape, secure with a double knot at the back. Then find a hair slide and thread the wrapped wool through the centre of the slide.... easy peasy AND super cute.

It's a great way to use up spare bits of wool and as they're really light once made I think I'll be posting them in female friends birthday cards for the foreseeable future, and making more for myself. Obviously.

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