Dotty about nail art

Recently I've found myself unable to have plain painted nails - they've got to be a bit different, maybe because I haven't been shopping in so long that I'm desperate for something to make an outfit look new! Either way, I've been trying out a few nail art designs and stumbled across this one, which is great for when you don't have much time to devote to anything too tricky.

All you need is two nail polish colours and a hair clip. I'm sure you can see what I'm about to say, but simply paint your nails as usual then use the tip of the hair clip to dot nail polish onto an accent nail (or all if you have time!) and finish with a clear coat to prevent chips.

Nail polish - Stay Perfect by No 7, highland mist as dots and so simple as basecoat

To get a good dot the hair clip is much easier to use than the nail polish brush, as it's the perfect shape and you can't overload it with too much polish.

I went for neutral colours for work, but think rainbow colours or pastels would also look great, as would a classic navy with white polka dots - I think I might try that next!


  1. Your nails look lovely! I am utterly hopeless at painting my nails, but when I was little my Mum used to paint my nails with little flowers using the head of a pin- one yellow dot in the middle, and then five dots in a different colour round the outside :)

    Katie xx

    1. Thanks, that's a great idea too - will have to try it! :)



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