Handmade notebook cover - a how to

This handmade notebook cover has been on my ‘to do’ list for about five years, in fact probably even longer than that. It was actually a kit I brought at a craft fair (the pretty colour of the fabric sold it to me) but when I got home it went straight into my craft box and I promptly forgot about. Last month I finally had the chance to get started and with all the celebrations this summer, I simply had to incorporate bunting into my design.

The kit included brief instructions, a notebook, fabric, embroidery thread and pink beads. It also included a needle but after several years stuck in its plastic it had gone a bit rusty!

To make your own embroidered notebook, simply cut a rectangle of fabric slightly bigger than your open notebook. Leave a 1.5cm allowance along the top and about 4cms allowance each end.
Mark out your design and then embroider using threads, beads, sequins... anything you like.
Then cut a second piece of fabric the same size to act as a lining, place front sides together and sew around leaving a 1.5cm seam allowance on all seams and leaving a small gap one so you can turn it the right way out.
Turn the right way out and press flat. Fold fabric around notebook. Pin the extra allowance on each side around the covers of the book (remembering that it needs to fit when you close the book, not just when it’s open) then blanket stitch along top and bottom edges to secure cover around notebook.

I love it and it would make a great personalised present - I’m keeping this one for myself, but am planning on making some more for friends’ birthdays.


  1. This is such a cool idea! Love it darling!

    Pip x

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