What’s in my knitting bag?

There have been a lot of ‘what’s in my handbag’ posts at the moment and I love a good nose in someone else’s handbag, especially when the bag is as pretty as this. Unfortunately, if I were to do one of these posts I would feel obligated to include the receipt, 1p and pen lid graveyard that lies in the bottom of my bag and I’m sure none of you want to see pictures of that! So instead I thought I’d reveal the contents of my much loved knitting bag.

You can probably tell from the image that the short answer to ‘what’s in my knitting bag?’ is A LOT of Cath Kidston. But to go into slightly more detail...
1.       Knitting needles – the majority were given to me by my Nan as she no longer knits much. They’re mostly normal needles but there are a few funny shaped ones that I have no idea about!

2.       Wool and receipts - I know I just commented on the forgotten receipts that live in my handbag, but it’s actually a good idea to keep wool receipts so you can return any spare balls at the end of a pattern, genius.

3.       Maoam – I love these sweets and end up with packs everywhere.

4.       Current knitting pattern – find out more about the pattern here. I’ve also got a photocopy of the page I’m using, as the booklet won’t balance on the arm of my sofa without constantly sliding off. Irritating beyond belief, trust me.

5.       Tape measure – it matches the bag. I love it.

6.       Scissors – see answer to tape measure!

7.       Pins and pencil – The ‘book of pins’ is also from Cath Kidston, I was worried it wouldn’t stay shut to start with but it does the job perfectly. I did consider keeping on my bookshelf but it’s really much easier to keep in the knitting bag.

8.       Knitting – I finally had time to start my next project, a summer cardigan. Although I’ve already gone wrong several times and am only a few rows in so I highly doubt it will be finished in time for this summer!

What’s in your knitting bag?


  1. Thank you for linking to my post :) I love your spin on the handbag posts- getting to nose through craft materials is brilliant fun!

    It makes me happy when things match- and Cath Kidston makes that so easy with all her beautiful prints :)

    Love your "emergency maoam stash too" :p

    Katie xx

    1. No problem, love your handbag! Yes I need to see what other craft accessories Cath Kidston have, there must be more! :) xx

  2. love this post, i adore everything in your knitting bag :) i really need to get my knitting bag together again, and you've made me excited to get it organised! x

    1. Thanks, yes I love having the bag - I haven't taken it out of the house anywhere but it's so useful having it all in one place and nice and tidy! xx

  3. I wish I knew how to knit, but I'm a bit intimidated by it :( Your Cath Kidston tools are so pretty though. <3



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