Floral bow from The Vintage Set

Last Sunday I was lucky enough to win a twitter competition for a gorgeous oversized bow from The Vintage Set. As you can see it’s blue and floral – a match made in heaven! It came in a gorgeous package (I’m sure I can use that pearl bead string for something!) and obviously, once it arrived on Wednesday I couldn’t wait to wear it. As it comes with elastic headband it’s perfect to wear in your hair, but that’s a bit too casual for the office and I had couldn’t wait until the weekend now could I? So, in order to make it more work appropriate I had a go at styling it different ways...

The package

I do love anything floral

On Wednesday I tied it to my favourite vintage style bag – and received lots of compliments at work

Then on Friday it brightened up a plain black top with the help of a safety pin

I’ve had several more ideas too – it could be used wrapped around a pony tail/bun and used as a hair tie rather than a hair band, or worn as a cute collar/bow tie with a buttoned up shirt... the possibilities are endless!

How would you wear it?

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