Handmade floral skirt

Back in February I made my first ever skirt and posted a few top tips learned from the experience. After that, I fully intended to put away the sewing machine and try some other things... until of course I spotted some amazing fabric in a shop in Brighton. It was floral and it was on SALE.

Obviously I then realised I needed a spring/summer skirt as well as the autumn/winter skirt I had just finished, so skirt number two began. It took me slightly less time to complete and was only marginally easier second time around - it’s safe to say dressmaking takes practise, practise and then even more practise. I still made the same mistake with the waistband and had to ask for help a fair few times.
However, despite the often frustrating moments it’s all worth it when you have the finished item! I love the skirt (even if the zip is slightly wonky), it has been great for summer and, as I made it myself, it’s the perfect length (I’m quite tall so most high street skirts end up as a rather unflattering length).

I love it so much that I sneakily wore it last week before finishing the seams as I couldn't wait!

I might even try a dress next time...

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