Easy DIY pallet herb planter

You can’t go wrong with a bit of reuse and recycle and when it’s also space saving, well count me in! This DIY pallet planter can be easily knocked up in an afternoon and is a super cheap, space saving way of injecting a bit more greenery into your small garden or balcony. It would also be great if you’re a renter who wants the option to take your hard grown herbs with you if you move. 

It’s been so satisfying to pop into the garden each evening with some scissors and gather a few herbs to add to our dinner. Remembering to keep them watered (less of an issue now it’s raining every day) and looked after is also a great learning curve for beginner gardeners, like me. 

First off though you’ll need a pallet and to make this a cheap DIY you’ll really want to find one for free. Top tip – keep your eyes peeled and if you see one that looks spare ask if you can have it. I noticed a couple of pallets left after some building work down our road and the home owners kindly let me take them off their hands.

You will need:
Black landscaping/ weed control fabric (you can get about 10m for £5 at most garden centers or DIY stores)
Staple gun and staples

How to:
Roughly cut your landscaping fabric into a rectangle large enough to fill one of the sections on the pallet. Test it to make sure it fits (but don’t staple just yet!). Once you’re happy with the size, use this as a template to cut fabric pieces to fill the remaining five sections. Now it’s time for the best bit… who doesn’t love a bit of time with their (or in this case their Dad’s) staple gun? 

Staple the fabric in place around the edge of each planting section. Make sure it’s not too tight and that you’ve left plenty of slack to fill with compost later, it should be about as deep as the wood on your pallet, so the fabric is hidden behind the wooden plank. Don’t worry about keeping the edges neat as we’ll tidy these up later.

Repeat for all six spaces. You might have to do turn the pallet on its side and front to get the right angles to staple. Also temporarily breaking your staple gun halfway through when filling it up with staples is totally optional, in fact, if I were to do this again, I’d miss that bit out! 

Once all six spaces are filled use your scissors to cut away all the excess fabric.

Put into desired place and get planting! I went for herbs we use regularly in the kitchen - rosemary, thyme, mint and chives with a row of strawberry plants along the bottom (these have finished now so if I’d recommend leaving a gap until next spring if you want strawberries). But you could fill with any type of container plants, ones for colour, flowers, texture, anything you like.

You could also customise your pallet and paint it before starting, I love the look of weathered wood so left mine natural, but a pastel colour would look great in a cottage garden or a bright colour would make a city balcony pop.
What would you plant in yours? 

p.s. find more pallet DIYs on my pallet furniture pinterest board.



  1. I've always liked the look of herb palette planters - especially when they are all full to burst with life. Yours looks great.

    1. Thanks, there's plenty of room for the herbs to grow bigger too!

  2. This is so cool! I've seen a few of these tutorials on Pinterest before and thought how cool they looked and this is a great post on how to make one. I will definitely have to have a go at doing this at some point! Yours looks brilliant. - Tasha

    1. Thank you! Let me know if you do try it, I'd love to see a picture :)

  3. Just discovered your blog! Gorgeous! Will definitely be stopping by again :)
    Laura xx

  4. I think this is such a cute idea! I don't actually have a garden but it is just the kinda thing I'd do too <3

    Gisforgingers xx

  5. This looks so cool! There are so many DIYs I want to try that need pallets, but I can never find any! xD

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