Bathroom makeover before + after*

Small bathroom redecoration project 

A shamefully long time ago I wrote a post about planning our bathroom makeover; this was back in January, when I did plan almost all of the redecoration. However, it then took us until May to find and agree on a price with a suitable plumber. Also because we did a lot of the work ourselves in snatched evenings and weekends, it took what felt like forever to get it finished. And then life kept getting in the way of me photographing and blogging it for you. 

Here's the before - no natural light, no storage and basically no space.

And here are all the pretty afters...

The main difference has got to be light and airy feel the room now has. To give the bathroom some much needed natural light we added a sun tunnel to the ceiling, which goes through our attic and out onto the roof, you can't see through it but it lets loads of lovely light in. The perfect solution when you don't have any budget or space for a proper window. See a picture of the bit you can see in the ceiling here.

The second difference is the wall paint, although it caused us extra work and a bit more cost to strip all the existing tiles and get the top half of the room plastered I was adamant that it needed doing and I'm so glad I insisted. It's opened the space up and allowed us to use this gorgeous Light and Space wall paint by Dulux*. It's billed as using Lumitec and light-reflecting particles to reflect light back into the room. I was a little sceptical when reading about it, but figured in such a dark bathroom we needed all the help we could get! I'm really impressed with the job it's done, and actually spent a few weeks wondering why the corners looked so different in this room and finally realised it's because they are lighter than other rooms - so those light-reflecting particles seem to be doing something.

The other really major change is that we've removed the bath and replaced it with a shower cubicle. I know most bloggers love their baths, but in all honesty neither of us ever used it and as it was taking up valuable space we put a shower cubicle and a proper shower in. We've got so much space in return and were able to use the extra wall space to add a heated towel rail instead of a radiator, which we're loving now the weather is getting colder. The lighter and easy to look after vinyl floor has also opened up the space. Plus we have storage! I even have a few extra ideas to squeeze in even more storage if we need to in the future, but as we're okay at the moment I think it's time for a rest first.

I'd love to know what you think.

*the paint was supplied by Dulux for the purpose of a review, but all opinions are my own.



Current Instagram favourites | autumn

Autumn might possibly be my favourite season. I say 'might' because I know that come spring and summer I'll also be proclaiming my affection for the them too! But I do love the crisp light, colourful leaves and refreshing air that autumn brings. There are few things better than a long walk through crunchy leaves before returning for a warming drink, good food and an evening bathed in candle light. I always enjoy seeing how others celebrate autumn and luckily my Instagram has been filled with gorgeous photographs this month, so I thought I'd share with you a few of my favourite accounts for autumn inspiration.

One pleasant day
Cups of tea, autumn colours and all the autumn blankets fill Carrie's stunning gallery. You can't help but get that cosy autumn feeling with each photo she shares.

The dahlia girl
Vicki has a beautiful house and equally beautiful cat, Tabitha. But it's her morning shots of Tabitha in the garden with Vicki's glorious dahlias that I adore the most.  

Silver pebble 
A nature lovers dream, Emma's collections of berries and leaves gathered from the hedgerows around her house are simply stunning. 

Bella whispers
You'll find autumn scenery galore on Katie's Instagram. I love her autumn mantelpiece brimming with leaves, feathers and pumpkins. 

I’d love to know what your favourite insta accounts are this autumn, let me know in the comments. 

p.s. Check out my summer favourites here.



Life lately | October edition

Recently I've been...

Finding treasure in antique shops - I originally saw this book on pinterest and fell in love with the little owl, but was disappointed to find the link went to a sold Etsy listing. That must have been sometime last winter, so when browsing a few books in antique shops at the weekend I couldn't believe my luck when I pulled this one off the shelf and saw the cover! I'm super excited to start stitching it soon.

Reading The Lake House by Kate Morton. I'm halfway through and I'm hooked. It follows Kate's usual style, skipping between several eras as present day police officer on leave, Sadie, attempts to unravel the mysterious disappearance of a baby boy from a Midsummer's Eve party in 1933. I'm 
really struggling to put it down each evening - if only we didn't need sleep.

Planting daffodil bulbs... 45 of them to be exact. Aside from a gorgeous peach climbing rose and summer tomato plants our small garden has been pretty neglected since we moved in almost two years ago. This month, however, we've been making some big changes - re-cutting borders, pulling out overgrown bushes and creating more usable space. The current side effect of this though is that we have almost no plants left and won't do over the winter, so I want to make sure that by spring we'll at least have some cheery yellow daffodils to enjoy.

Publishing my first crochet pattern on Etsy! You may have noticed that I've been working on the floral & feather Etsy shop this year, it's been a slow process as I work out what feels right. Increasingly I've been keen to sell the patterns for my makes as well as the finished projects, as I've loved the design process. Last week I launched my first pattern - the dip-dye crochet phone case - see it here! I'm so excited and am already working on the next one, plus have lots of ideas in my head for the future. 

What have you been up to recently?



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