Four simple ways I’m going to make my life better

It's time for something a little different today, I learnt a lesson this week and want to share the below as a promise to look after myself and make a few changes. Perhaps it will inspire you too.

Last week I was ill, so ill I missed a whole week of work (a first ever for me) and ended up in A&E. The doctors didn't know what was wrong and I had to wait another four days for test results. Luckily it was just a bad, rather rare virus, but whilst trying to diagnose they asked lots of questions about my diet and stress levels. I realised how run down I've been. A busy time at work, fitting blogging around a full time job and setting up an Etsy shop had me exhausted and surprisingly unhappy. I had the balance wrong. I'd been trying to fit my life around these things, rather than fitting these things around my life. 

So I promise to do these four things about it, starting right now:

1. Make more plans for the weekend. Whether it's seeing friends, getting on with the DIY project I'd been looking forward  to or a film night with the boyfriend. No more all work and no play.

2. Bake more cakes (and therefore eat more cakes). I used to really enjoy baking but now only do it when I have someone’s birthday to bake for and end up stressing as it'll be during a busy week. So every few weekends I'm going to pick a recipe and bake something yummy, just because.

3. Eat a proper lunch and take a proper lunch break. I've got into the habit of eating lunch at my desk, while this is sometimes useful to get a bit of blogging or shop planning done, more often than not I don't really get much done and I don't really eat much lunch. Not exactly a healthy set up.

4. Give myself a break and treat myself. I am my own worst critic, always feel I could have done better and consequently never treat myself to anything, not even a chocolate bar! But enough! Buy the treat. Eat the cake. Take a night off. Life is too short.

And do you know what? I'm feeling better already.

What do you do to keep your balance?



  1. I'm so sorry to hear you were so ill, lovely :( That must have been so scary- I really hope you're feeling better! All of those ideas sound fantastic. I'm moving house in a few weeks' time (eep!) and one of my plans is to cook more dinners with my new housemates- there's nothing quite like home cooking xxx

    1. Thank you :) Good luck with the house move!! Yes home cooking is the absolute best! xxx

  2. So sorry to hear you've been going through a rough patch, ending up in A&E must have been really scary. Glad to hear you're on the mend now and making a positive list for change. Giving yourself breaks is so important - whether it's lunch, half an hour to crochet, a morning to bake, a weekend with friends/family - otherwise burn out is inevitable.



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