Attic 24 granny blanket | new project alert

All the colours!

You wouldn't think a colourful granny square blanket would push many people out of their comfort zone, but this is so unlike my normal projects and I LOVE IT. Usually I'm a pastels an neutrals kind of girl (case in point here) but in a bid to get some bright, happy colours into my craft room I figured a colourful crochet blanket for the sofa bed would be just the thing.

Sometimes planning a project is one of my favourite parts and I took my time looking at lots of gorgeous blankets on pinterest and instagram - stripe, ripple, hexie, let's face it they're all pretty! But I kept coming back to the giant granny square. Decision made it was time for the yarn and the perfect opportunity to get my hands on one of the Attic24 Stylecraft Special collections. After some deliberation I went for the original pack as the bright colours, particularly the shrimp, picked out some of the existing colours in my craft room. 

Because it's a bit out of my comfort zone I decided to follow the colour order Lucy uses in her stripe blanket to save me stressing about which to use next. I love how each round I add changes the feel of the blanket, it started really bright and now I've just added the first of the few pastel shades. I like it even more with each new colour. Plus they are colours I would never normally use together, so it's been one big lesson in colour so far! 

I've got plenty more rounds to go, but the square is starting to twist. Does anyone have any advice to avoid this, or will a machine wash at the end sort it out? I did read you should alternate between adding colours with the front facing then back facing, but my crochet has an obvious front and back so I'm worried this might look odd. Advice would be gratefully received! 

What are you working on at the moment?



  1. Wow, love the colours! I've no advice I'm afraid except that it looks great, Jane x

  2. As something of a fan of eye-wateringly bright colours (ahem) I think this looks absolutely gorgeous!! Can't help with the crochet tip though I'm afraid; I hope someone else can xxx

  3. It's looking beautiful so far. Sometimes the most unexpected colour choices make the best combinations. I'm afraid I'm not much of a crocheter so don't have any advice about the twisting. I'm guessing if you pin it out/block it after washing it'll come back into shape.



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