Current Instagram favourites | Summer

In the last few months instagram has become my new obsession. Whether it's gorgeous flowers, cute crochet or dreamy home interior shots I'm finding my fingers have been twitching to get my next scrolling fix. So seeing as I can safely say I've done a fair bit of research, today I thought I'd share the top four instagram accounts I've been loving this summer.

Peonie Cole Textiles
Textile designer Catherine, shares the most beautiful pictures of her floral prints along with gorgeous shots of her pastel cottage and country life.

The Pastel Patch
Pastel coloured crochet and Cath Kidston goodness, need I say more?

Zoe Power
You can't help but feel cheerful when looking at the fresh flowers and sweeping blue skies that fill Zoe's feed. Plus she has a good name ;) 

Victoria's Cottage 
With an abundance of cups of tea, croissants for breakfast, summery picnics (and a cute cat) I think I'd quite like to live at Victoria's Cottage too.

I hope you've managed to enjoy the start of summer too! What are your favourite instagram accounts at the moment?



  1. Thank you so much for featuring me. It's so rewarding to know that someone enjoys my endless cups of tea with me. Loving your blog. About to dive further in!

    Victoria xx

    1. No worries. Thanks so much, glad you like it! Grab a cuppa and have a read :) xx

    2. No worries. Thanks so much, glad you like it! Grab a cuppa and have a read :) xx

  2. Love all of these beautiful pastel shades and florals here. I must upgrade my phone so I can finally join in with the instagram party! - Tasha



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