Living room update - easy gallery wall

What else is a bank holiday for if not a bit of DIY? So over the Easter weekend we put up this super simple but highly effective (if I do say so myself) gallery wall. I'm a bit ashamed to admit that despite living in our house for over a year, these are the first pictures we've put up. And considering how much more homely they make the place feel, I'm kicking myself for not doing it sooner! 

As promised, they were really easy (and cheap) to do. The frames are from The Range and were a bargain at just £3 each for a 10x8" frame, Wilko and Ikea would also be good places to look for cheap but stylish frames. The photographs are all ones taken by me (most have featured on the blog in one post or another) on various holidays over the last few years. I ordered them from Truprint for just 99p each meaning the whole thing cost less than £25.

As the frames are all the same it made placing them so much quicker than trying to design a mix and match gallery wall. I also wanted a cleaner, more uniform look for the living room. Plus I'm saving the mix and match gallery wall for our hallway!

To put them up we started with the middle two frames and worked outwards, making sure the gaps between the frames were all 4cm. We also made sure to measure each frame individually rather than just assume all the hanging hooks were in the same place – which was a good call as they weren't! 

I think we did a pretty good job and as a bonus they make the room feel bigger and taller too.

Would you have a uniform gallery wall in your home or do you prefer the mix and match style? 



  1. Love this, it looks great! It's amazing how some simple touches like this can bring life to a room and make it your own. I like the way you stacked them all together in that stacked style. Very pretty! - Tasha

  2. Thank you for the lovely comments on my last post! - Tasha

  3. that turned out so well! and it's extra meaningful that they are all your own photos with memories attached. beautiful!

  4. It looks great! I can't wait until I have my own house so I can create stuff like this haha!



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