Recently I’ve been…

Seeing as I haven’t managed to blog for nearly a month, it’s safe to assume that recently I’ve been... fairly busy. So thought I’d better hop on the blog today to apologise and explain the reason for the radio silence.

Firstly, a couple of weeks ago my laptop finally decided it had seen enough photos of crochet and flowers and announced it was full. Some rather desperate deleting ensued but it was clear I wanted to keep more photographs than it would allow. Luckily this was just before my birthday, so the boyfriend’s present to me was to buy and fit a new larger hard drive. Unfortunately this took longer than expected as it also coincided with the start of redecorating our bathroom…

I mentioned when writing this post that we’d be getting our bathroom redecorated this year, and while I planned what we’d need doing back in January it took us a good few months to get quotes and book in a plumber.  To save money we’re doing a lot of the work ourselves, so my evening and weekend blog time has now been taken over by removing  tiles and plasterboard, putting up new plasterboard, removing the tiled floor and many, many DIY shop and tip trips. There’s still a very long way to go as you can see in the picture below! 

But aside from manual labour, I have also been…

Crocheting this cushion for a friend’s birthday, the colours are inspired our local bluebell wood and I’m pleased to say she liked it. I also kind of wanted to keep it for myself.

Visiting Nymans a nearby National Trust garden, which I’ve blogged about several times before, including here. I love that there’s always something different in bloom and took home lots of inspiration for our garden (the next project after the bathroom).

Growing tomato seedlings, I did also try and grow some last year but they seemed to give up the ghost just after I re-potted them. Since re-potting these ones it’s so far so good and they're much bigger than last year's already! 

What have you been up to? 

I’m also terribly behind on blog reading so feel free to add your latest post in the comments so I can catch-up.



  1. Wow the bathroom looks like a bit job and so brave for doing it yourselves! I'm sure it will look amazing though and cant wait for those "after" photos.

    I really want to try growing some fruit and veg but the idea just completely intimidates me. I shall live vicariously through you instead :)

    Sam | a month of sundays

  2. I love that crocheted cushion you've been making, the colours are lovely and as soon as I saw it it made me think of bluebells and lavender, so I'm sure your friend will love it. Beautiful shots from the National Trust garden too and I can't wait to see the after shots of your bathroom. - Tasha

  3. I'm drooling over the colours of the cushion

  4. Look amazing. Great photos!
    Good vibes, FOX
    check out my latest VLOG and my blog

  5. That cushion is stunning! Not surprised you were tempted to hang onto it :p And well done you on the bathroom DIY- it looks like you've been putting in some serious work! xxx



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