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This month's 'inspired by' is something which has now turned into an unlikely obsession of mine. A couple of weeks ago we brought ourselves a beautiful pale peach climbing rose to grow up the empty trellis on the back of our house, inspired by this trip to Pashley Manor. And in a move most unlike my normal self I have been diligently watering, training around the trellis and pruning it ever since - I was even out there yesterday morning before work! But it's just such a beauty (and cost us a good £15 - who knew roses were so expensive?!) and currently has four roses and at least another three about to open so I wan to make sure they stay looking pretty for as long as possible. I've also taken to cutting the ones which are hidden at the bottom and bringing them indoors to pop in little glass vases, really getting my moneys worth here. 

So here's my pick of a few more roses to adorn you and your home...

Crochet rose pattern | Skip to my Lou blog

Rose garden dress | Mrs Pomeranz | Not on the High Street 

Rose crown | Bloom by Ellen | Not on the High Street

Digital print | Laprintables | Etsy UK

And here's my beautiful rose...

Which is your favourite?



Recently I’ve been...

Knitting an intarsia sample, I really, really didn’t think I’d be able to do this! I still need lots of practise and my brain hurt quite a bit by the end “huh, twist which wool which way again?”… but it’s not bad for an afternoon’s work. I’m already dreaming of all the knitting patterns and possibilities if I manage to master it…

Admiring the flower on my peace lily - it didn't bloom last year so I was slightly worried that I had killed it! However, after being super attentive and NOT over-watering it has finally bloomed. Only the one flower compared to the two when I first brought it, but I'm still considering it a triumph.

Reading Bridget Jones, Mad about The Boy by Helen Fielding. I've seen (and enjoyed) both films but this is the first book I've read, I'll be honest I’m not loving the plot so far, but it’s entertaining enough to keep reading. The part where Bridget joins twitter is pretty funny. 

Walking in the golden hour, when the sunshine occasionally makes an evening appearance. If we have time after work and dinner the boyfriend and I have been heading out for a short walk, everywhere is so peaceful in the evenings and it really helps to evaporate the stresses of a long day in the office.

What have you been up to?



Escaping to Wakehurst Place

Just before we went on holiday last month, we decided to put off the packing, cleaning and all those other chores and head to Wakehurst Place, near Haywards Heath in Sussex for the afternoon. It was far too nice a day to spend indoors and Wakehurst delivered on lots of pretty scenery, stunning views and the general escape from reality we were looking for.

We wandered across the lawns, past the pond and a gorgeous patch of irises, and followed the stream down to the lake to spot for a picnic. Then with renewed energy – necessary in the 30 degree heat - we walked back up through the Himalayan Garden and into the walled garden. The walled garden was probably my favourite place for its major cottage garden inspiration and just beyond is the house and some glorious ombre style borders, another idea I'd like to steal!. We looked around these until it was time to head home (and get on with those chores we’d been ignoring). 

It wasn’t my first visit to the jointly run Kew and National Trust garden (and I’m sure it won’t be my last), the first was back in March 2013, you might be surprised how colourful the garden looked at that time of year, I certainly was! You can actually go inside the part of the house too, but I’ve still never found the time – testament to how much there is too see in the gardens.

A little highlight was probably the moorhen in the last picture, he ran straight towards the boyfriend and I, then hung around until we found some bread from our picnic for him. He took the bread into the reeds by the pond and emerged a couple of minutes later for some more. He was obviously feeding some chicks and we repeated the bread-giving a good few times, I love it when nature surprises you like that.

Where do you go to escape?



Skylight inspiration AKA Project Natural Light

The big compromise when we brought our first house last autumn was the bathroom. Apart from being small and outdated, its major flaw is the lack of a window and therefore any natural light. The fact that we brought the house anyway is a testament to just how much we loved the rest of it! Especially considering we had already rented a flat with a windowless bathroom for 18 months - so a bathroom window pretty much at the top of my house hunting wish list. It’s funny how things work out.

But all is not lost. We figured once we got settled we could research how to get some natural light into the bathroom. Being a terraced house a skylight is definitely the most light-giving option (others include glass style bricks to steal light from neighbouring rooms or adding sun tunnels to the ceiling). A couple of weeks ago we had a builder round to see if it was a possibility, which it is and I'm super excited to report ‘project natural light’ has begun.

Obviously, I headed straight to pinterest for some dreamy skylight and d├ęcor inspiration… 

Image source / image source

Image source / image source
And when you think of skylights, VELUX* is probably the company that springs to mind. I’ve been looking at their range of blinds, which includes everything from blackout to roman, and decided that their venetian blind would be the ideal finishing touch. Helping to keep the room cool and provide a bit of privacy when needed (we live next door to a gliding school!). However, if I thought I could get away with it I’d also be quite tempted by their The Disney and VELUX Dream Collection 'Bambi 1' blackout blind, which is the stuff my 10 year old self would have dreamed of. 

Anyway back to grown up skylights, do you have one in your house? Which bathroom look would you go for? I just love the tile colour in the top right image.

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