Skylight inspiration AKA Project Natural Light

The big compromise when we brought our first house last autumn was the bathroom. Apart from being small and outdated, its major flaw is the lack of a window and therefore any natural light. The fact that we brought the house anyway is a testament to just how much we loved the rest of it! Especially considering we had already rented a flat with a windowless bathroom for 18 months - so a bathroom window pretty much at the top of my house hunting wish list. It’s funny how things work out.

But all is not lost. We figured once we got settled we could research how to get some natural light into the bathroom. Being a terraced house a skylight is definitely the most light-giving option (others include glass style bricks to steal light from neighbouring rooms or adding sun tunnels to the ceiling). A couple of weeks ago we had a builder round to see if it was a possibility, which it is and I'm super excited to report ‘project natural light’ has begun.

Obviously, I headed straight to pinterest for some dreamy skylight and d├ęcor inspiration… 

Image source / image source

Image source / image source
And when you think of skylights, VELUX* is probably the company that springs to mind. I’ve been looking at their range of blinds, which includes everything from blackout to roman, and decided that their venetian blind would be the ideal finishing touch. Helping to keep the room cool and provide a bit of privacy when needed (we live next door to a gliding school!). However, if I thought I could get away with it I’d also be quite tempted by their The Disney and VELUX Dream Collection 'Bambi 1' blackout blind, which is the stuff my 10 year old self would have dreamed of. 

Anyway back to grown up skylights, do you have one in your house? Which bathroom look would you go for? I just love the tile colour in the top right image.

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  1. Ooooh; they'll all gorgeous!! I've been going giddy over shower curtain options recently (the only way I'll be able to add colour to my new bathroom, because it's tiled floor-to-ceiling in white). I really wish this one wasn't £52... http://www.notonthehighstreet.com/rubyandb/product/floral-quotemark0-fabric-shower-curtain xxx

    1. Love it, so my kind of colours too!! Yes slight shame about the price tag... but perhaps worth it for the daily self affirmation?! xxx

  2. Ooh the bottom two bathrooms are lovely! The floor in the first one is grgeous and the shower in the second, dreamy! We have a skylight in the master bedroom without a blind (hello eye mask) as well as a normal window but I'd love more light up there. Either 3 skylights paired together (or one big giant one!).x



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