How to crochet an African flower

I’ve had my eye out for a tutorial on how to crochet an African flower for a while; the one I ended up using didn’t seem quite right and I quickly realised the instructions didn’t match the pictures! I managed to figure it out after a bit of trial and error and now that I’ve cracked this particular crochet code, I thought I’d share this little how to with you. 

African flowers are a fun alternative to the traditional granny square and I’ve seen some gorgeous things made out of them (check out this amazing stegosaurus on Holly Pips!). I’m planning to use mine for a simple cushion for our bedroom and have chosen these pastel colours to complement our mint green feature wall.

So here’s how to make one for yourself. Happy hooking!

Hook: 3.5mm
Wool: assortment of stylecraft DK 

Abbreviations (pattern uses UK terms):
Chain – ch
Treble crochet – tc
Slipstitch – sl st

To start: chain 6 and slip stitch to make a circle.

Round one
Colour one. Ch3, 1tc, ch1, *2tc, ch1* repeat until you have six spaces and six 2tc, then sl st into the third chain of the beginning of the round.

Round two
Colour two. Start in one of the six ch1 spaces. Ch3 then in the same space 1tc, ch1, 2tc. *ch2, 2tc, ch1, 2tc* in next space, repeat *until you have six 4tc. Sl st into the third chain of the beginning of the round. But do not cut or change colour (which I totally did the first time, d'oh).

Round three
Keeping the same colour (you could change if you wish, but this is the more traditional way), sl st 2 to reach the next ch1 space from the previous round. Ch3 then 6tc in the same ch1 space, ch1. *7tc in next ch1 space, ch1, repeat *until you have six 7tc.

Round four
Colour three. Start anywhere and ch1, dc around and make a long stitch down to round 2 between each flower petal. End with a sl st into ch1. 

Round five 
Colour four. Join anywhere and ch3, tc around and place 2tc into the top dc of each petal. Sl st into third chain of beginning of round and fasten off.

Let me know if you have any questions and I’d love to see any you make!



  1. African flowers are one of my favorite patches for crocheting into blankets!

  2. So pretty! I need to try more fun crochet stuff, knitting has taken over once again! :)

  3. Aww such a lovely pattern - I hadn't actually heard of African flowers so loved this post. I also clicked the link to the dinosaur that you mentioned and I completely am in love with it. Happy hooking! x

  4. Excelente trabajo, gracias por compartirlo!!!



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