Taking a quick break... to move home

Things have been a bit quieter than usual around here lately and for that I apologise, but it’s all for a fairly good cause as we should be moving into our first home next weekend!

I say ‘should’ as I will not relax until we have the keys in our hands, but even so there’s a lot to do in preparation and rather than stress myself out by trying to do it all and keep blogging, I figure a quick break will mean I can focus on packing, cleaning, painting and all the admin – changing address, bills etc. (a.k.a. the not-so-fun bit).

In the meantime, I thought I’d leave you with a few of my favourite interior decor blogs -
Apartment Apothecary 
Patchwork Harmony
Beauty Full Homes

And a brilliant idea from Leanne on her new blog - this little space of mine, seriously wish I had been doing this for the last year, but am definitely going to start now!


Recently I’ve been...

Reading Bustle & Sew magazine after winning a copy on twitter. It’s full of cute craft ideas and tutorials as well as recipes, seasonal inspiration and features on makers, fabric and more. Hopefully if I get my Christmas knitting done on schedule (see below!) I’ll have time to make their floral Merry Christmas hoop.

Knitting Christmas presents, I've set myself a target of at least three knitted presents this year and so far I'm one down two to go, which I’m pleased with. I won't be revealing what I've made until after Christmas though - you can never too careful!

Pinning A LOT of home decor inspiration! After a long (stressful) few months we exchanged contracts on our first home last week. I won’t relax until we get the keys but am allowing myself to start planning a little. Fingers crossed we’ll be in before Christmas. Image here.

Enjoying the new lease of life my house plant seems to be having, it was given to me about three years ago but had been looking very sad for the last few months - the boyfriend threatened to get rid of it several times! But all of a sudden it has grown about 10 new leaves. Happy days.


Autumn wanderings - a visit to Lancing College Chapel

Despite the return of summer over the last few days (!) last weekend was a wonderfully autumnal one, and extra special as I got to see inside the amazing Lancing College Chapel.

The Chapel sits on top of a hill overlooking Shoreham River and can be seen from quite a distance, so I've spent years driving past it and wanting to see inside (no surprise given my love for historic buildings). We finally made the journey up the hill to coincide with Lancing College's annual craft fair; sadly my Mum and I really didn't think much of the fair. But the Chapel on the other hand was amazing.

It's full of ornate stone and wood carvings, stained glass, chandelier lighting and huge ceilings. I'm so happy we finally got to see inside. Surprisingly it's only about 100 years old too and was built just before the war, it’s newer than Lancing College School whose students use it regularly. Seeing their choir books shelved in the crypt, added a really lovely atmosphere - trying not to make the typical Hogwarts reference here but I can certainly see a similarity...


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