Recently I’ve been...

Reading Bustle & Sew magazine after winning a copy on twitter. It’s full of cute craft ideas and tutorials as well as recipes, seasonal inspiration and features on makers, fabric and more. Hopefully if I get my Christmas knitting done on schedule (see below!) I’ll have time to make their floral Merry Christmas hoop.

Knitting Christmas presents, I've set myself a target of at least three knitted presents this year and so far I'm one down two to go, which I’m pleased with. I won't be revealing what I've made until after Christmas though - you can never too careful!

Pinning A LOT of home decor inspiration! After a long (stressful) few months we exchanged contracts on our first home last week. I won’t relax until we get the keys but am allowing myself to start planning a little. Fingers crossed we’ll be in before Christmas. Image here.

Enjoying the new lease of life my house plant seems to be having, it was given to me about three years ago but had been looking very sad for the last few months - the boyfriend threatened to get rid of it several times! But all of a sudden it has grown about 10 new leaves. Happy days.


  1. Congratulations on buying your very own house!! I can't wait to see how you decorate and style it :) xxx

  2. Yay for exchanging contracts! It's such a relief isn't it? Fingers crossed you'll be in your own pad soon :-) xx



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