Guest posting – DIY knitted knotted braclet

Today I’m guest posting over on the fabulous Knit me a cake blog! Head over to find out how to make this quick and easy knitted knot bracelet...

I’ve been a reader of Leanne’s lovely blog pretty much since its beginning in October 2012; her blog name alone contains two of my favourite things knitting and cake so I was bound to become a fan! While you’re having a read don’t miss her updates on the skyblanket (such a cool idea) and her cute crafting companion Freds the cat.

Hope you enjoy.


A book review: The Kashmir Shawl

This is one of those books - as soon as I finished it I seriously considered turning back to the first page and starting again. If you asked me to describe it in one word it would be beautiful - the story, the characters, the descriptions of India are all beautiful and I looked forward to picking it up before bed every evening (sadly the only time I get to read)!

The story is split between the present day and India in the early 20th century, it begins in the present as Mair Ellis clears her father’s house and finds an exquisite shawl amongst his belongings, she decides to trace its history and the journey takes her to India where her great grandparents had been posted as missionaries before and during the first world war. What follows is a tale of love, sadness, happiness and secrets as Mair traces the roots of both the scarf and her own family.

It’s the first Rosie Thomas book I’ve read and was simply one I borrowed from my Mum when at a bit of a loss of what to read next, perhaps the lack of expectations added to my enjoyment of it, but nonetheless I’d highly recommend it. Like I said above, it’s a great read for the beautiful descriptions of 1920s India alone.


florals and feathers: the February edit

A few of my favourite florals and feathers from this month...


Crochet pattern / Flower girl collar / Crochetlatte

I’m finally learning how to crochet and although granny squares are my limit so far, I think my next project will be this beautiful flower girl collar. The pattern is for a child but when it’s something this cute I’m totally ok with adding a few extra stitches and stealing a little girl’s style. .. hello messy bun and pretty flower collar.

Organiser / Primavera wool / Paperchase
Need that extra bit of inspiration to keep organized? Well, this floral wool organiser could be that inspiration - it’s just too nice to leave empty and unloved at the bottom of your handbag!


Print / Tribal feathers / Courtney Oquist
This would look so great in our bathroom as it’s the perfect combination of colours and would match the pale blue rubber duck who currently sits on our shelves! But lets face it, this would look great in any room, I love the tribal pattern of that big feather in particular.

Cushion / Feather print / Elkhorn design
Mustard yellow, check. Handmade, check. Feather print, check. Enough said.


One of our new favourite things

The boyfriend and I have a new favourite thing to do on quiet weekends, there’s a clue in the picture below... yep it’s feeding the ducks!  A couple of weekends ago I had lots of work to be doing and little time for fun, but by 3pm on Sunday I’d had enough and needed some fresh air so we decided to go for a little walk. Luckily we live within walking distance of two duck ponds so we took some bread and went down to feed the ducks, it was so nice to be doing something outside and feeding ducks is surprisingly therapeutic. We’re definitely going to make it a regular weekend date.


What a hoot! Knitted owl phone cover

Continuing my love of all things woodland animal related, I’ve had this knitted owl phone cover on my ravelry 'to-knit' list for ages. And after finishing various knitted bits for other people I fancied a quick knit that was just for me!

Two evenings is all it took to make this cute little owl, it was a slight lesson in perseverance though as I had to restart three times before I was happy with my cabling technique and wool choice (FYI thinking it’ll do and using a normal needle is not the same as a cable needle and will create rather large, annoying holes). 

Here’s the pattern - as it’s meant for an ipod I added a few extra stitches so it would fit my phone and I think I have an idea to make it look even neater next time.  I’d also like to try it in a few different wools; as I think it would make a lovely gift for someone.

Twit twoo.


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