florals and feathers: the February edit

A few of my favourite florals and feathers from this month...


Crochet pattern / Flower girl collar / Crochetlatte

I’m finally learning how to crochet and although granny squares are my limit so far, I think my next project will be this beautiful flower girl collar. The pattern is for a child but when it’s something this cute I’m totally ok with adding a few extra stitches and stealing a little girl’s style. .. hello messy bun and pretty flower collar.

Organiser / Primavera wool / Paperchase
Need that extra bit of inspiration to keep organized? Well, this floral wool organiser could be that inspiration - it’s just too nice to leave empty and unloved at the bottom of your handbag!


Print / Tribal feathers / Courtney Oquist
This would look so great in our bathroom as it’s the perfect combination of colours and would match the pale blue rubber duck who currently sits on our shelves! But lets face it, this would look great in any room, I love the tribal pattern of that big feather in particular.

Cushion / Feather print / Elkhorn design
Mustard yellow, check. Handmade, check. Feather print, check. Enough said.


  1. The flower/crochet collar is so cute!

  2. Oh Paperchase, you beautiful temptress you. And I know I'm going to be near one on Friday when I have some time to kill... Oops! xxx

  3. What a beautiful post :) I've nominated you for the Liebster award http://www.day-to-daydreamer.co.uk/2014/02/ive-been-nominated-for-liebster-award.html x

  4. Lovely things, I love the crochet collar! :)



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