Photography – having fun with a fisheye

I’ve loved photography for years, way before I started blogging and my canon 600D is probably my most prized possession, so whenever Christmas or a birthday rolls around I usually have some sort of accessory on my list and this year it was a fisheye lens.

*Did you know - it’s called a fisheye lens because the distorted image it takes is similar to the view of a fish when looking towards the surface of the water.*  I’ve always loved this effect so am looking forward to having some fun with it!

Proper fisheye lenses can be really expensive (from £200 to over £1,000!) and seeing as I was just after something to play around with I thought this Opteka lens was far better value for money at just £45 and it had some encouraging reviews on amazon. Rather than being a lens in itself this one fits on the end of your existing lens and converts it to fish eye. After a brief stint on Christmas Day, I took the lens on its first proper outing last week and here are the results. Drumroll please.

When zoomed fully out you can create almost a complete circle and the effect is at its strongest, the more you zoom in the more of the circle you cut out and the weaker the effect. The really bright winter sunshine (hello vitamin D. Finally!) also created a few interesting light spots on one of the pictures which I really like. 

Here fishy fishy...


  1. Love the photo of the tree in the lake. Fisheye lenses are so much fun :-) I find them to be particularly useful inside big fancy buildings such as cathedrals, because you can capture the details of the walls, windows and ceiling all in one go! Xxx

    1. Oh yes I think it's next outing will be to a lovely building! :) xx

  2. Oooh I think I just might have to add that to my list for next year... lovely pics!! xxx

  3. An I'd love to get my hands on one of these! Such cool pictures!

  4. That is awesome - I love the image of the tree and the lake - so very atmospheric.

  5. They look great - and such great value for £45! Might have to get one myself! x

  6. Ahhh, how much fun are these! I have tried out fisheye lomo's before, but it would be nice to have a one of my own. Although maybe an attachment for the iphone is more practical these days x



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