THE knitted scarf

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the source of most of my pre-Christmas stress...  the knitted scarf. Would you believe I started this in August 2013 but was still knitting at lunchtime on Christmas Eve?! *Note to self: even if you start presents early you actually have to keep working on them in order to finish* Anyway the recipient of the stressful scarf, the boyfriend, loves it so that has made it all worthwhile!

It matches the neon and grey gloves he requested last year (after seeing the heart fingerless gloves I made for myself). Both patterns are from ravelry – here’s the one for the scarf but it’s just a simple rib with striped ends, I cast on a few less stitches so it’s not quite a wide but thank goodness or I’d probably still be knitting it now...


  1. Good job with the scarf - it looks great. I love raverly for patterns - such a great place to find something new.

  2. It looks wonderful! Good work :) xxx

  3. what a great job :) they both look lovely :)



  4. I want to learn to knit so bad. Its on my bucket list. I can't figure it out for anything. Looks so nice.

  5. What a cracking scarf! I knitted one this year but I don't wear it nearly as much as I should. I'm so scared of ruining it in rain or something (so stupid) x

  6. That's lovely! Pretty pattern :) I am TOTALLY the same - always last minute knitting before Christmas! Once I was on a train to see the person I was gifting the scarf too and cast off the last stitch one stop before my arrival - oh dear....



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