Winter sun

Just to let you all know that things are going to be quiet around here for the next week or so as we’re off on our holidays and to be more specific we’re off to Barbados! It’s the first time we’ve been abroad in a few years (and I’ve NEVER been anywhere like Barbados) so I’m super excited!

Work has been pretty stressful (again) recently so a break is well overdue, not to mention the added stress of going away in December... err when do we do our Christmas shopping?...and working right up until the night before we fly, the thought of relaxing is pretty much all that’s keeping me going. I’m afraid I’ve not been organised enough to schedule any posts or guest posts, but have been working on some Christmas DIY’s and a few other exciting things to share with you when I’m back.

Here’s hoping the beach looks something like this...

Image taken from Pinterest
Hope you all have a fantastic week :)


  1. How brilliant :) Have a fantastic and relaxing time!! xx

  2. Gorgeous - have a fabulous time :o)



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