Recently I’ve been...

Laughing at these Lego mini me’s the boyfriend and I made in Brighton last week. We were supposed to be doing our Christmas shopping but popped into the Lego store for a bit of fun and found that you can make your own Lego character. We made each other (I wouldn’t have chosen that dress for myself!) and then he made one for a friend. At £1.25 each they’d make great stocking fillers!

Crafting a needle felt robin for a feature in workbox magazine. He’s currently sitting above the fire but I think he might go on our Christmas tree next month.  Look out for the feature next year.

Singing coldplay for these gorgeous yellow lilies as they bloom 'look at the flowers, look how they bloom for you, and everything you do, yeah they were all yellow'. Yep, lets move on from that. They’ve been brightening up our living room for the last week and I might have to buy another plant to fill their space once they’ve past their best – slightly more economical than flowers!


  1. The robin is adorable! He looks so real! I think he would look lovely on top of a christmas tree :) Also, the lego version of you is so cute! That's such a fun gift idea xx

  2. I was surprised the Lego was so reasonably priced - perfect for a stocking filler! :)

  3. Oh I love the robin! It's so cute! We have one of a similar style, but it's very old and battered!



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