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Laughing at these Lego mini me’s the boyfriend and I made in Brighton last week. We were supposed to be doing our Christmas shopping but popped into the Lego store for a bit of fun and found that you can make your own Lego character. We made each other (I wouldn’t have chosen that dress for myself!) and then he made one for a friend. At £1.25 each they’d make great stocking fillers!

Crafting a needle felt robin for a feature in workbox magazine. He’s currently sitting above the fire but I think he might go on our Christmas tree next month.  Look out for the feature next year.

Singing coldplay for these gorgeous yellow lilies as they bloom 'look at the flowers, look how they bloom for you, and everything you do, yeah they were all yellow'. Yep, lets move on from that. They’ve been brightening up our living room for the last week and I might have to buy another plant to fill their space once they’ve past their best – slightly more economical than flowers!


Knitted kitty

Meet my latest knitting project - a kitty! I saw the pattern for this cute knitted cat on ravelry and immediately added it to my projects list.

Here’s the pattern – it’s easy to follow and gave me a chance to practise my knitting in the round skills, tutorial here. I used a chunky wool and slightly thinner needles than mentioned, but surprisingly it still worked! I’ve since purchased the necessary 3mm round needles and found some DK to try it with too as suggested in the pattern.

My original plan was to ‘cat bomb’ my Mum and Dad’s house and hide him there for them to find, but I’ve become quite attached so I had to make another one. And here it is!

Which is your favourite?


Cinderella's pumpkin carriage!

Last Sunday, the boyfriend and I went to see the Slindon pumpkin display; made by a local farming family the yearly display has certainly become popular and after seeing lots of pieces about it in the local paper I was pretty keen to go. This year, as you can probably see, the pumpkins have been arranged into the magical pumpkin carriage and castle from Cinderella! Bippity boppity boo...

The scene is made from over 50 varieties of pumpkin and 30 varieties of squash and you can buy most of these to take home too. Pumpkin soup, anyone?  It’ll be on display at Top Road, Slindon, West Sussex until the 30th November, so if you’re not ready to let go of autumn just yet, I’d highly recommend stopping by.

After enjoying the pumpkins we decided to explore Slindon further and went on a walk through Slindon estate, it was such a beautiful day with a bright blue sky and once again I spent lots of time playing with the camera and taking photos without using auto! We found an empty barn to explore, some sort of monument structure and had a little picnic!


Mollie makes cross stitch

I love cross stitch; I think it might be the craft I find most relaxing – although that could have something to do with the candle and cup of tea I usually make sure I have next to me! This cross stitch is from a recent mollie makes issue and it’s certainly my kind of cross stitch with its floral pattern and beautiful colours. I’ve already found a home for it in our bedroom as our curtains are the same shade of pale blue/green, but first I just need to find the perfect frame, any excuse for a bit of shopping eh?!


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