Etsy autumn wishlist

I’m sure I’ve mentioned before that etsy is one of my favourite sites and as autumn is also one of my favourite seasons, I thought I’d show you a few great etsy finds perfect for the coming season.  

Obviously, I had to start with a chunky knit and despite being told previously that I can’t pull off mustard yellow with my blonde hair and pale skin, I shall lust after this gorgeous scarf from The SimpleBoxCar all the same.
A cute CuteAbility acorn and oak leaf necklace, would it be too much to wear it with my squirrel print shirt?

Bluebirdchic - turning your camera into a fashion accessory, love the idea AND the autumn colours.

Finally not exactly autumnal, but how amazing are these lace doily envelopes from Mango And Passionfruit?!  

All images taken from etsy.


  1. You read my mind! I am planning on knitting a mustard yellow chunky scarf. I have light red hair and very pale skin and quite honestly couldn't give a fig! Take a look at the little girl on page 10 of this month's Mollie Makes and perhaps you'll convince yourself that mustard yellow is just fine! Love the lace doily envelopes too :)

    Anna x

    1. I'll have to have a look at that one! Yes I'm wondering about the doily envelopes for handmade christmas cards this year :)

  2. Gorgeous little envelopes... I can imagine with a template make they would be hard to make.
    I too adore Etsy. In fact I've just opened my own shop on there... it was a little dream of mine - finally took the plunge.
    I can feel a Christmas prezzy Etsy splurge coming on.
    Lovely blog.
    Jennie. (Snaphappyjen on Twitter)

    1. Thanks. I've just had a look at your etsy store, gorgeous photographs!



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