A deer little necklace

Whilst battling my cold this week I thought I’d keep busy with a simple craft project. Shrink plastic is such an easy way to make jewellery; I experimented with it earlier this year and made a butterfly necklace, click here for the how to. So I thought that now would be the perfect time of year to make a deer necklace (I love anything with deer/stag on).

Unfortunately, the design I chose didn’t quite work – it was really difficult to get the thin legs to lie flat and not twist as the plastic shrank. Deer number one lost his hind legs as I tried to force them back into the right shape. As you can see the second one turned out much better but had an interesting dent in him, no idea where that came from! It took a while for me to decide the best thing to do was fill it with a bead.
After much deliberation I went for an amber coloured bead, it is autumn after all, glued it into place and attached a jump ring and necklace chain. Easy! He’s a lovely little addition to my autumn/winter wardrobe.

Have you ever made anything with shrink plastic?


  1. I haven't made anything with shrink plastic before, but that deer is so adorable I now definitely want to give it a go!

    I think the gem looks like it was put there on purpose, and adds a bit of sparkly interest to the cute silhouette :)

    Katie xx

  2. I discovered shrink plastic recently and I love it... Made some vintage looking buttons, will post it on the blog soon =) Beautiful necklace, I love deer/stag too... I think it is because I am a bit of a Harry Potter freak hehe xx



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