Lavender bags – a how to

This afternoon I’ve been making these cute lavender bags. They’re such an easy thing to make and are so small they could be quickly hand stitched if you’re not a fan of sewing machines. They also make great presents, yes I’m already thinking about Christmas, ordered first present for the boyfriend this morning! Anyway, all you need to do is cut some squares out of fabric, pin together and sew around three edges, then turn the right way out, fill with dried lavender and sew closed. You can make different shapes, or embellish them with ribbons or more fabric, but as these were just a practise run I kept things simple.

The lavender was picked from our garden a few weeks ago and left to dry out in the garage, but you can also buy pre-dried stuff online. They smell lovely and apparently also keep clothes moths away, all for less than an hours work!   

How have you been spending your Sunday?
Also, the lack of step by step photos is because my camera is otherwise engaged as I’m attempting some time-lapse photography (more on that soon). But this is such an easy make, pictures aren't really needed!


  1. I love making lavender pouches. I keep my dried lavender in a big box and whenever I lift the lid it always inspires me to make more!

    I spent my Sunday having a huge clear out although I left it half way through and there is stuff everywhere!!

    1. I had a bit of a wardrobe clear out too, it's now all in bags waiting to go to the charity shop!

  2. What a lovely little blog you have! Now following :)


    1. Thanks :) Just had a look at yours - love the matte nail varnish!



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