Life Lately | May 2017 edition

Recently I've been...

Crocheting about 90 of these little hearts! They're for our wedding in a few months time (super sneak peek of the colour scheme here), I'm trying not to go overboard with the crochet, but I couldn't resist a few touches  ;)

Growing sweet peas, both from seeds and shop brought plants - this is one of the shop brought plants (my seedlings don't look quite as healthy and are too long and spindly to photograph). Again these will hopefully flower in time to be used in the wedding this summer. Cross your fingers for me though, plants are not my strong point!

Learning how to dry rose petals (sorry last wedding related one, I promise) for biodegradable confetti. I've been keeping them in this vase to decorate my craft room while they wait to be used. 

Running through all the bluebell woods, although as I don't take my camera out running this picture was taken on a walk a few weeks ago. But every Monday evening for the last month, run club has taken us through some beautiful bluebell woods. It's true what they say, having something pretty to look at really does make the exercise a bit more bearable! 

What have you been up to?



  1. Exciting, all those preparations for your wedding :-) I really like it that you're doing so much yourself, it will be very unique and I hope you 'll have a terrific day!
    What I'm doing? Working up some stash to crochet a cushion, thinking of a (handmade- ofcourse) gift for the teacher of my daughter, trying to design a crochet top for myself...
    Wishing you a very good week,

  2. They are very cute indeed , you're so talented I wish I could crochet .



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