Crochet cat blanket | a pattern

Easy crochet pet blanket - free pattern

You could say I've well and truly caught the crochet blanket bug as I'm back with a second blanket pattern less than a month after my first. However, this is such a quick and easy make I just couldn't resist. Also don't worry, I have remembered that I don't actually have a cat (yet), inspired by Leanne from This Little Space of Mine, this little blanket will be headed to my local Cat's Protection Centre. 

The pattern is a super simple eight round granny square joined with a slip stitch. This was one of those patterns that just evolved as I crocheted, if I'd planned things a bit more I think I'd have done a seven round square and then used the join as you go method for the eighth round, as it would make the pattern even quicker. I'll try that for the next one! As it is the cat blanket took just a few evenings to make and used up some stylecraft special DK in Lavender, which I seem to have a particular excess of. The border is Parma Violet also stylecraft special DK.

4mm hook

Ch - Chain
Tr - Treble crochet
Sl st - slip stitch

Round 1 - Ch 4, sl st to form a magic loop

Round 2 - Ch 3, then tr 2 into the centre of the magic loop ch 2, *tr 3, ch 2 three more times. Until you have four sets of trebles. Sl st into top of the chain 3.

Round 3 - Sl st along to the corner, then ch 3, tr 2, ch 2, tr 3 into same space. *tr 3 into next space, ch 2, tr 3 into same space. Repeat three more times until you have eight sets of treble 3. Sl st into top of ch 3 to join, then break yarn.

Continue in pattern until you have eight rounds on your granny square. 

Make six granny squares.
Join together with a slip stitch through the back loop only of each square.
The finishing touch is the gorgeous scallop border, I used this pattern by Kimberly Pye.

Insert cat below!
I'd love to know if you've made a blanket for your pet, or donated one to a animal shelter before. Happy crocheting! 



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  2. thanks for the tips and information..i really appreciate it..



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