Most popular posts of 2015 - your favourites

Five top craft posts and DIYs of 2015

One thing I love about blogging is how it allows you to look back and reflect over the year. Highlights, projects, plans, day trips and more are all stored in this little online space to look back on. While I’ve not had time to fully think about goal setting for the New Year yet (heck, I’ve not even started planning the NYE party food!) looking back over 2015 is certainly giving me food for thought… sorry I’ve got snacks on the brain now. 

Anyway, as promised in the title above, before we rush full steam ahead into 2016, here’s a little round-up of your favourite posts of 2015 nominated by you, via Google analytics. Clearly you’re a crafty lot as they’re all how-to and tutorials! Enjoy, and here’s to an even craftier 2016. 

1. How to make a bird feeder

2. How to make a needle felt robin

3. DIY an old t-shirt into wall art

4. Easy DIY pallet herb planter

5. DIY a napkin into a cheap cushion

p.s. while craft is the clear winner, for me 2015 was also filled with crochet so keep an eye out for my favourite crochet patterns and makes next week!



  1. I love all of these - I should try to make at least one of them in 2016 - I'm aiming to get more crafts done that aren't just drawing, paper-craft etc. so this is the perfect thing to read tonight! Happy New Year! - Tasha

    1. Thanks Natasha! Good luck with your craft goals! Happy New Year :)

  2. These are all amazing. I totally forgot about the t-shirt wall art, so thanks for the reminder haha!



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